I am Anne M. Brauer

a scriptwriter experienced in writing feature film, TV movie of the week and treatments in most genres,
and also Executive Producer on my projects.

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In development or pre- production by Little Studio Films*

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Be it a drama, comedy, action or adventure, I‘m a pushover for a great story.
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Anne took up screenwriting to complement her vast array of  business and non-profit experience, as well as to further pursue  her interest in creative writing.

Anne has been writing screenplays since 2009, and has become  adept at writing a variety of genres. She is also Executive Producer on her projects. The majority of her work  includes original ideas derived from historical readings and her travels to over 30 different countries. She especially enjoys writing  for full feature-length film, although her paid-for-hire work has also  included novel-to-film treatments and television scripts, such as an  editing collaboration for a sit-com TV series pilot and bible.

Currently in production or development for feature film is:  the  original crime/thriller “AMERICAN WASTELAND” (aka “TOXICANT”), the original contemporary action/thriller “BUSTIN’ PALERMO”, the original Canadian period/adventure and contender for a TV movie in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation (2017), “TRADING LIVES” (aka “THE TRADE”) edited with the help of Indigenous People’s expert Canadian Producer Dominique Desrochers, and the horror/comedy for American ‘spookfest’ “420 CUTTER ROAD” (aka “HALLOWEED”, idea by Alexia Melocchi and Julie Savay Ross).

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… a fun sexy formulaic comedy that hits all the right beats and is easy to enjoy. Blending genres like rom-com, feel-good, and sexy indie, this script nails a particular market and manages to deliver the goods with a wink and a smile.

Coverage on Playthings, Included

…you come away from it (the script) feeling like you’ve really lived with these people, shared in their joys and their sadness.

Coverage on Showdown at Mongrel Junction

…Story seems well-researched and intriguing, fully exploring all the possibilities of its plot. There are a number of particularly strong scenes to elevate it above the typical frontier period picture.

Coverage on The Trade

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