Spec Scripts - Feature Film (sell sheets provided by
manager Alexia Melocchi upon request)

Toxicant (formerly Wasteland) (original script; political thriller – WGA
registered/completed). Directors Marco Ristori and Luca Boni attached.

A struggling reporter on the investigative trail to expose a corrupt
businessman stumbles across a connection between his daughter's sudden
illness, the death of an army friend, and an enigmatic new love
interest, with a government cover-up, potentially jeopardizing not only his
career but his loved ones' lives.

Toxicant teaser trailer - to come.

The Trade (original script, based on historical data and events;
adventure/drama – WGA registered/completed; under development; possible
television series alternative)

A young British collegian forced to give up his dream of an elite education
travels to Colonial America where he meets his fur-trading uncle, embarks on
a perilous journey into the James Bay wilderness (Canada), and falls in love
with a beautiful Indian guide while a murderous thief is hot on their trail.

The Trade teaser trailer - click HERE.  

In the Name of the Robe (original script; comedy – WGA

Three misfit monks sent to America to secure funding to save their
abbey unexpectedly wind up in Las Vegas, and after befriending a
casino owner’s feisty, fugitive daughter who teaches them to win fast
and big in her father's casino, they get sidetracked by wealth and fame
jeopardizing not only their mission but their fellowship and values

In The Name of the Robe teaser trailer - click HERE.

In The Driver’s Seat (original script; comedy – WGA registered/completed)

Burdened with unpopularity, poor grades and the unappealing
demands of a university-educated father, young Winnie Pruitt enrolls
in a male dominated school for professional chauffeurs, where her
unique driving skills are put under the scrutiny of a pompous male
administrator intent on seeing her fail.

Bustin' Palermo (original script; action - WGA registered/completed). Under
development; directors attached.

After his wife’s abduction during an unexpected stopover in Sicily, a tough
Texas detective travels to Palermo, learns about his wife's secreted ties to a
mafia crime family, and finds himself smack in the middle of a vicious feud
with tolerance of his new-found relations and murder the only way out.

Bustin' Palermo teaser trailer - click HERE.

Southern Comfort (original script, "formerly Love a la Carte";
contemporary drama - WGA registered/completed) - NOTE: BOTH male and
female lead versions available.

After losing his job to a spiteful rival, a prominent Manhattan chef journeys to
the South Carolina Lowcountry to settle an unknown relative's estate, and
discovers ancestral ties to the region and a fondness for a feisty fisherman's
daughter and the extraordinary community in which she resides.

Showdown at Mongrel Junction (original script; frontier drama - WGA

In 1860s Oklahoma, a railroad magnate's rebellious son terrorizes a small
town, meeting his match in a gang of gutsy orphans and their loyal mutt.

Salvation Christmas (original script; comedy - WGA

Eluding jail time just weeks before Christmas, petty thieves Gus and Les are
placed under the charge of a hard-hearted parole officer. Assigned community
service and work at the Salvation Army, they use jobs as bellringers to return
to their light-fingered ways, the officer uncovers their scheme and blackmails
them and Gus's new love interest to reap the spoils.

420 Cutter Road aka Halloweed (original script based on an idea by Alexia
Melocchi and Julie Savay Ross; horror/comedy - WGA registered). In

Discovering marijuana on an abandoned property, a group of teenagers
smoke it not knowing it’s cursed, morph into their costumed, monster selves
and terrorize their small rural town on Halloween.

Facebook link - click HERE.

Playthings, Included (original script; comedy, adult oriented; WGA

Forced to leave college and run his estranged father’s adult sex toy empire to
gain his inheritance, a prudish undergrad not only wrestles with acceptance of
the aging community’s extremely adventurous desires, but his minister
grandfather’s meddling in his newly acquired business and his homefolk’s
private affairs.

Breeders (adaptation of Ashley Quigley's novel series; coming of age/sci-
fi/drama - WGA Registered/completed). Currently being marketed.

Link to Ashley's page - click HERE.


The Global Fund (Re-Write of Josef Colomer's pilot and bible for a TV Sitcom;
WGA registered/completed.) Currently being marketed.


A Cruel Calm: Paris between the Wars (treatment, completed; 1900's
period - WGA Registered; based on Patricia Daly-Lipe's novel of the same name)

Focused on the period between World Wars I and II, this is a fascinating
coming-of-age story about love, loss and redemption set against the romantic
magnetism of France.

We follow a young American’s quest for true love and the Church’s support
after learning her husband is homosexual, all the while bearing witness to
some of the most memorable cultural and technologically innovative changes
taking place in Europe.
In Progress...

Contact alexia@littlestudiofilms.com for details.

Certainly a "can do" ...

If you've got a great idea you'd like developed and want to employ
Anne's scriptwriting skills, please contact manager Alexia Melocchi at
Little Studio Films*.    

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"Summer Dance" polish

Re-write of Josep
Colomer's TV Sitcom
Pilot and Bible for
"The Global Fund"

Adaptation of Megan
Clare Johnson's first
installment novel
Motor City Murder" as
a 7-part television

American feature film "420
Cutter Road" (
aka "Halloweed")
(in development)

Feature film treatment,
Patricia Daly-Lipe's novel
"A Cruel Calm: Paris
Between The Wars"

Feature film for Ashley
Quigley's futuristic coming
of age novel series
Spec Scripts - Feature Film (sell sheets provided by manager
Alexia Melocchi upon request)
In Progress...
Certainly a "can do"...
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